katysd (katysd) wrote,

Freelance Work

I've almost finished the freelance work that has consumed gallons of my time for the last three weeks. I've had an awesome time doing the research and writing, but it is a relief to see the end in sight. Here are a few things I learned while working on this project--

***The cure for self-doubt is to just keep plugging away.

***When your nose is stuck three-inches deep into a research book, the phone is guaranteed to ring at least once.

***I'm WAY more spoiled than I realized. Most people work 8 to 5 EVERY day.

***It is possible for me to write 2000+ words per day. Darn, I should have gotten one of those nifty counters.

***Three weeks is a really short period of time to research a topic and write 18,000+ words.

***I'm only truly happy when I'm writing and I'd do it again in a minute. :-)
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