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Minor League Baseball Musings

My husband and I drove down to Little Rock tonight to watch a minor league game. I adore the ballpark--Ray Winder Field. It's one of the five oldest minor league parks (built in 1932) still in use and, unfortunately, this is the last year the team will be there. The city is building a fancy new stadium on the riverfront, which will be nice, but it will never be Ray Winder.  I tried to remember how long I'd been going there. It made me just a little sick when I figured it out. ;-) Let's just say over 30 years.  When I was about seven, my mom and brother and I stayed until 3 am to finish watching a 22 inning game. When I was twelve, I took tickets at the gate and even got paid for it! I thought I was so grown-up when I'd go into the office after the game to pick up my check. I wish I could remember how much it paid--probably something like five bucks. Oh well. The summer I was 14, I didn't think they could start a game without me. I didn't miss a single game for two seasons. Even when when I was late because my cousin was getting married, I still made it--in a dress and heels, no less.I mean, there simply wasn't time to go home and change. When my husband and I were first dating, we'd been hiking earlier in the day and I'd sprained my knee. We'd planned on going to the ballgame that night, but it was difficult for me to walk. We decided to go anyway and when we got out of the car, he carried me all the way in. And when our son was old enough to take along, Ray Winder was his first trip to a baseball park. Ah.... memories. Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out-- http://www.ballparkwatch.com/visits/ray_winder.htm

Enough of the sappy stuff though. What I really wanted to write about were a couple of observations I made at tonight's game. Have you ever seen anyone play that  "head on the bat" game? I don't know the actual name, but it is hilarious. Two people go out onto the field and they each have a baseball bat. Each person puts his/her forehead onto the end of their bat with the bat's other end on the ground.  As the music plays, the participants spin around and around as fast as they can while keeping their forehead on the end of the bat. When the music stops, they race to a finish line. Obviously, they are WAY dizzy, so the run is great fun to watch. Note:  If you are a woman (or a man for that matter) DO NOT attempt this game wearing a skirt.

Another fun thought--since we were kids we always thought it was so clever to wait for the snack-selling guys to holler out, "Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks," and then we'd holler "Alka-Seltzer!" Didn't do that tonight though. :-)

One other observation, and I hope I don't offend anyone when I mention this. If you are a (how can I say this nicely?) ummm... pleasantly plump woman wearing a too short cami with ultra-low cut jeans and a turquoise thong, please try to restrain yourself from shaking your groove thang when the speakers blast out MC Hammer's Can't Touch This. Trust me on that one.
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